Shaneel’s Story

ShaneelShaneel is a wife, daughter and sister who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 12 years. She was diagnosed in 2005, just 6 days before her 25th birthday. At the time she had her full independence working full time in the financial field with aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder.

Her initial symptoms that led her to visit the doctor was a combination of unusual feelings which included numbness and tingling in her fingers along with a lack of balance and daily fatigue. Just days after her visit to the doctor and MRI tests, the results had proven that Shaneel has Multiple Sclerosis. This was just the beginning of the journey she was about to be faced with.

Weeks, and months followed in which Shaneel and her family visited numerous doctors and began recommended treatments and medical regimes.

As years followed her MS was moving at a fairly rapid pace. It was the start of the most difficult part of her journey, which had left Shaneel dependent on her loved one’s. Losing her mobility led to the inability to work. In addition, she is constantly fatigued, has eye ataxia (lack of muscle coordination), blurred vision, tremors and poor coordination in hands, drop foot, bladder issues and trouble sleeping.

Shaneel crossed a difficult road in her journey in 2013 when she had a severe MS attack. At this time, she developed Cerebellar ataxia, which causes her head to shake. All other symptoms drastically increased from the attack. Moving forward, Shaneel has since required a wheelchair.

She is now undergoing treatments in the hopes to be living the independent life she knows and deserves. To date, she has undergone CCSVI (angioplasty), Stem Cell therapy, IV therapies, Ozone therapies, bio magnetic therapy, lymphatic magnetic oxygen therapies, hyperbaric oxygen therapies and Jugular Vein Bypass Surgery (neck veins). There have been some improvements with her sleep and bladder control. This is just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel which she fights to move towards, daily.

Wams 5th Annual MS Fundraiser

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Fundraiser: June 24, 2016

The Walk A Myelin Our Shoes Foundation (WAMS) is hosting a fundraiser on June 24th at 6:00pm at the Buck and Ear Pub in Richmond.

We hadn’t planned on a fundraiser this spring but when we heard Shaneel’s story we had to help.

Her story hits especially close to home as I attended high school with Shaneel.   Shaneel was diagnosed with MS around the same time as me but she has difficulty walking, requires assistance feeding herself and has difficulty speaking, Shaneel requires 24 hour care and she is only 36 years old. She is hoping to receive a series of treatments in Mexico which includes stem cell therapy and CCSVI, but the cost of these treatments is $250,000.

Every dollar raised on June 24th will go directly to Shaneel.


Please support and purchase tickets to attend the fundraiser here:


If you cannot attend please consider donating to Shaneel’s very worthy cause. There are “ghost tickets” and “donation” tickets available though the link provided above. Or alternatively you can donate directly to our website


Here is a short video on Shaneel to give you an idea of her daily struggles. Let’s rally everyone we can to get Shaneel the help she deserves! Please support and share with everyone you know!


4th annual WAMS Fundraiser: Oct 3, 2014


The time has come! Tickets are now on sale for the 4th annual WAMS Fundraiser!

Follow the link below and get yours now!

Hosted by the Fabulous Joan-E!!! With very special guests:

  • Conni Smudge
  • Vera Way
  • Peach Cobblah
  • Eva LeGore
  • Isolde N. Baron
  • Sharri Muttart
  • Chris Lam
  • Carmen deFoy

Show starts at 8:30pm

Doors at 7pm

Last call 12:30am

Sponsored by: Petite Pearl Events and Open Road Auto Body

3rd annual fundraiser

3rd Annual Fundraiser May 24th

May 24th, 2013, Doors at 6pm – Be there on time as there is a limited capacity!
Tickets : $20
Hosted by: Joan-E
Featuring: Pussy Willow, Carlotta Gurl, Eva Le Gore, Sharri Muttart, Coco and Conni Smudge
Enjoy a fabulous night for a fabulous cause. Jello shooters, raffle,silent auction, 50/50 and some incredible talent!!!
Your ticket will also allow you to stay and dance the night away at the hottest club in town after the WAMS festivities are over!
3rd annual fundraiser


Danielle’s Post CCSVI Update!


Wow, it is hard to believe that it has almost been 2 months since WAMS and their donors enabled me to seek the CCSVI procedure south of the border. I remember the happiness of hearing the news earlier this spring that WAMS was willing to name me as one of their foundation’s 2012 recipients. For that news I would like to thank them and every one of the people who so selflessly donated to support myself and WAMS on my journey. I actually did not believe that this procedure would ever become a reality for me until many years down the road when I would be re-trained to begin working again and be able to save up the money myself.

Looking back these past months the feeling of just how surreal this experience has been has not left me. One of the first times that I think I accepted that this was happening for me was when I was actually on the operating table and part way through my procedure. Dr. Arata, who was performing the procedure. asked if I could feel different sensations. I could feel something in my left jugular, which was Dr. Arata ballooning my vein. The feeling is something I can only describe as like having really plugged ears, except the pressure was in my neck. That is when it hit me. I was having my CCSVI treatment.

I began noticing changes that same evening. The first thing I realized was that my feet actually felt like my feet. Gone was the sensation that my feet were full of water logged cotton balls that were connected to electricity. I had not expected that one, but wow that was a good start! Waking up the next morning I was able to walk better than I have been able to in years. Since I can now feel my feet my balance has also improved. I am still able to surprise my friend who accompanied me, at the improvements I continue to make.

My pain is also not as debilitating as it was before my procedure. Although not completely gone. my pain now averages between a 3 and a 6 on a 1-10 scale on any given day. As such I have been able to lower my pain medications as well. The clarity in my brain is amazing. It is rather exciting to recognize that I am thinking clearer again and I am able to sleep the night through thanks to the reduction in my pain and the overall feeling of wellness I now live with. The improvements might sound small to some but to me they are huge. I have also been told that I can expect improvements in the coming months once I am back in my regular routine. I have actually been away a lot these past few weeks. OH, a big one. I was actually able to dance at my friend’s wedding a month ago. This is great because I could not do the same thing a year earlier at another friend’s wedding. The fact that I could do that made this whole adventure worth it in my eyes and I would do the same thing again down the road if I need the relief.

Again I would like to thank you and WAMS for everything that you have done for me. I feel as though I am reclaiming my life again with your help. I start my 4th year of my degree program tomorrow. I just hope that I am able to someday help another person as much as you all have helped me. Thank you so much 😀

Morgan’s Update


Hello, my name is Morgan Nahanee and I was one of the beneficiaries of this year’s WAMS fundraiser. I want to start by thanking everyone who attended or donated in any fashion. I feel so lucky to have found the WAMS foundation, and I am so grateful for all the help and support I have received from them.

I went for CCSVI treatment less than a week after the fundraiser. I had being feeling marginally better pre-surgery due to a steroid treatment recommended by my neurologist. With the support of my family we drove down to Seattle the day before my surgery. We spent some good quality time together and the next morning I made my way to the Vascular Access Center’s Seattle office. All the staff were wonderful and I was treated very well. We met Dr. McGuckin and talked a little about the risks of surgery and then it was time to get prepped for the procedure. The whole experience was really painless and I was only in surgery for about 45 minutes. They found 4 blockages in my azygos vein, my left jugular vein was 50% blocked, my right jugular vein was 70% blocked, and my left iliac vein was 80% blocked.

Having normal blood flow restored was a great feeling, as soon as I regained consciousness after surgery I started feeling better. I’ve been asked a lot recently about what has changed and I’m still having a hard time finding the right words to describe my experience.

I feel good.

I had nerve pain that was ranging from 8-10 out of 10, and that is gone. I feel as though a haze has been cleared from my mind and I can think clearly again. I want to say I’m feeling more energized but I think it’s the cognitive-fog lifting that has left me feeling more alert and less fatigued. My stamina is back and I’m feeling more like myself. I’ve also had a feeling of constant pressure and tension in my neck, and that is also gone. I’m not ‘cured’ or even 100% recovered from my latest MS relapse but my life has started to return to normal. I took my son on two outings today and played with him for hours! It was so wonderful to be able to pick him up and hug him and chase after him in the playground. It may sound cliché but honestly it’s those moments that are so priceless for me as a mother with MS. I’m planning on renewing my gym membership and using this opportunity to get my health back. I’m hoping that by building up my strength and getting my gluten free diet tuned up, as well as taking the right supplements that I can extend this ‘remission’ for as long as possible.

Again my sincerest thanks for your contributions that have allowed me to get my life back.


We are so very grateful to all of our Sponsors, volunteers, Performers and attendees – you have all made our WAMS 2nd Annual fundraiser simply the best!

Lots of photos and updates to follow soon…

Performer update ~ WAMS 2nd Annual Fundraiser – one click to buy online tickets now

Click here to buy your tickets now: and visit us regularly to learn more about the performers that you’ll be seeing on March 16th – this will be updated often.
In the spring of 2011, Burgundy Brixx took an aspiring yoga instructor under her wing and turned her into a burlesque performer, the likes of which Vancouver has rarely seen. Meet Eva Le Gore who will tease you with her beautiful Ostrich feathers and her come-hither looks then turn around to blind side you with a hint of “Psycho”. Be enticed by her unique shows that curiously combine the classic burlesque dance with a little gore (or “Gorelesque” as she likes to call it). If you’ve ever seen her at Kitty Nights, then you’ll know what we’re talking about. Otherwise, this is one performer you don’t want to miss.

Performer update ~ WAMS 2nd Annual Fundraiser – one click to buy online tickets now

Click here to buy your tickets now: and visit us regularly to learn more about the performers that you’ll be seeing on March 16th – this will be updated often.

Michael Locke was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. and has a 6 year old daughter named Sadie. His athleticism comes from years of training in martial arts.   When he was in his mid 20’s he was very involved in partner disco dancing and won several regional contests with his groovy style.

By day Michael is a boat broker and by evening he is a swinging trapeze coach at a local circus training facility.  Michael and Keely have been performing together for a couple of years as well as teaching workshops and weekly classes in partner acro. In 2010, Michael had the honour of participating in the Vancouver Olympics in the ground ensemble work.

Keely Sills was born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. and lives on a sailboat with her husband Nathan. Keely graduated from Main Danceʼs 3 Year Modern Dance Program in Vancouver in 2003. Keely has worked as a dancer, as a magicianʼs assistant, and as a stunt woman for film. Since 2005, Keely has been performing aerial dance including harness work, aerial silks, double trapeze, and aerial hoop. She is very involved in the circus community as an aerialist as well as a balancer working with Michael Locke.

She is a company member of Aeriosa Vertical Dance and is often seen around town dancing on the sides of high-rise buildings.  In 2010, Keely performed as an aerialist in the opening and closing of the Vancouver Olympics.  Her latest venture was in London auditioning as an aerialist for the 2012 Olympics


Performers! WAMS 2nd Annual Fundraiser – one click to buy online tickets now

Click here to buy your tickets now: and visit us regularly to learn more about the performers that you’ll be seeing on March 16th – this will be updated often.
Kira Schaffer is a Vancouver based dancer and choreographer, specializing in aerial dance, site specific work and dance with various props such as stilts and fire and elaborate costumes. Kira is the artistic director of Firebelly Performance Society, the company she founded in 2000. Kira has coordinated shows both as a solo artist and for her troupe in a variety of venues, including the Vancouver International Dance Festival, the Alberta Centennial celebrations, and the Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.

Kira coordinated a series of performances for the 2009 Cultural Olympiad, including a fire and aerial piece suspended from under the Granville Street Bridge, accompanied by live musician Cris
Derksen, as well as a series of performances for the athletes at the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Athletes’ Village.
More recently Kira coordinated a trio aerial performance on the side of the building for the opening of the SFU Woodward’s campus and is currently working on a larger group community piece for the re-opening of the turntable plaza at the Roundhouse Arts and Recreation Centre in Yaletown.

Kira works regularly with other troupes such as Aeriosa Dance Society, Mortal Coil, Public Dreams and the Great Northern Way Aerial Club. Kira is excited by creating work in unconventional settings and is interested in exploring the expressive possibilities within physically limited situations. Kira shares her passion for movement by regularly teaching aerial dance classes at the Roundhouse

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