Fundraiser: June 24, 2016

The Walk A Myelin Our Shoes Foundation (WAMS) is hosting a fundraiser on June 24th at 6:00pm at the Buck and Ear Pub in Richmond.

We hadn’t planned on a fundraiser this spring but when we heard Shaneel’s story we had to help.

Her story hits especially close to home as I attended high school with Shaneel.   Shaneel was diagnosed with MS around the same time as me but she has difficulty walking, requires assistance feeding herself and has difficulty speaking, Shaneel requires 24 hour care and she is only 36 years old. She is hoping to receive a series of treatments in Mexico which includes stem cell therapy and CCSVI, but the cost of these treatments is $250,000.

Every dollar raised on June 24th will go directly to Shaneel.


Please support and purchase tickets to attend the fundraiser here:


If you cannot attend please consider donating to Shaneel’s very worthy cause. There are “ghost tickets” and “donation” tickets available though the link provided above. Or alternatively you can donate directly to our website


Here is a short video on Shaneel to give you an idea of her daily struggles. Let’s rally everyone we can to get Shaneel the help she deserves! Please support and share with everyone you know!


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