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Shaneel’s Story

ShaneelShaneel is a wife, daughter and sister who has been living with Multiple Sclerosis for 12 years. She was diagnosed in 2005, just 6 days before her 25th birthday. At the time she had her full independence working full time in the financial field with aspirations of climbing the corporate ladder.

Her initial symptoms that led her to visit the doctor was a combination of unusual feelings which included numbness and tingling in her fingers along with a lack of balance and daily fatigue. Just days after her visit to the doctor and MRI tests, the results had proven that Shaneel has Multiple Sclerosis. This was just the beginning of the journey she was about to be faced with.

Weeks, and months followed in which Shaneel and her family visited numerous doctors and began recommended treatments and medical regimes.

As years followed her MS was moving at a fairly rapid pace. It was the start of the most difficult part of her journey, which had left Shaneel dependent on her loved one’s. Losing her mobility led to the inability to work. In addition, she is constantly fatigued, has eye ataxia (lack of muscle coordination), blurred vision, tremors and poor coordination in hands, drop foot, bladder issues and trouble sleeping.

Shaneel crossed a difficult road in her journey in 2013 when she had a severe MS attack. At this time, she developed Cerebellar ataxia, which causes her head to shake. All other symptoms drastically increased from the attack. Moving forward, Shaneel has since required a wheelchair.

She is now undergoing treatments in the hopes to be living the independent life she knows and deserves. To date, she has undergone CCSVI (angioplasty), Stem Cell therapy, IV therapies, Ozone therapies, bio magnetic therapy, lymphatic magnetic oxygen therapies, hyperbaric oxygen therapies and Jugular Vein Bypass Surgery (neck veins). There have been some improvements with her sleep and bladder control. This is just a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel which she fights to move towards, daily.

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