Reiki and Multiple Sclerosis

Rieki for MS

Reiki and Multiple Sclerosis

Reiki (pronounced ray-key), means “universal life-force energy” and is a simple, gentle and safe Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes spiritual, mental and physical well-being and healing. The Reiki Practitioner taps into an unlimited source of universal life force energy and shares this energy with you. You may have noticed that energy healing is becoming more and more popular these days, and with good reason. Energy work can have a profound positive impact on health and vitality.

Reiki for Multiple SclerosisOn a deeper level, regular treatments will help move stagnant energy. Stagnation begins in the body’s outer energy fields, then move inwards toward the physical body. Once the energetic stagnation becomes pronounced within the body, it will start to manifest in physical symptoms. It is generally accepted in the naturopathic community that stagnation causes disease. The practice of Reiki is the art and science of channeling energy to move stagnation and promote healing.

The existence of the universal life force energy has been documented by recent scientific experiments, and medical doctors are considering the role it may play in the functioning of the immune system and the healing process. Several studies have been conducted on the effect of Reiki on Multiple Scleroris. While these studies are relatively new, several have indicated promising results in terms of pain reduction, increased energy levels, less fatigue, improvement in well-being and a reduction in depression and stress response. A new clinical trial to further study the effects of Reiki on MS is currently being proposed by a group of Reiki practitioners working in conjunction with a neurologist from the University of British Columbia. While further studies need to be conducted in order to reach definitive conclusions, so far the results are encouraging.

Reiki is being introduced in an increasing number of hospitals throughout Canada and is acknowledged by many allopathic doctors as having value in complementing traditional disease treatment methods. In the US, Reiki is used as a standard part of care in many hospitals.

Since stress worsens MS, Reiki can be extremely beneficial because it is very calming, grounding and relaxing. Not only is it beneficial for MS patients to receive Reiki treatments, but if an MS patient learns Reiki and receives the attunements, they will then be able to channel this powerful healing energy themselves for self-treatment. Treating oneself can as effective as being treated by another practitioner. It is a tool that can be used anytime, anywhere and as often as it is needed.

Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment, but it can be used as a powerful complement to traditional medicine. In fact, it may improve the effectiveness of all other treatments, and reduce negative side effects and complications from medications and surgeries. It works to shorten healing time, reduce or eliminate pain, reduce stress, promote relaxation and create optimism.

Kira Lynne, BA, RHN, is a Reiki Master/Teacher and Registered Holistic Nutritionist practicing in Vancouver, BC.

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