Michele’s Blogging for WAMS Foundation !


Hi Everyone,

I am really excited to have been invited to be the blogger for the WAMS Foundation! I will be blogging about my treatment and my continued journey with MS, as well as sharing other information and interesting findings about MS and ways of healing that might help others.

For those of you that don’t know me, I am Michele Mateus, the first recipient that was chosen to be helped by the WAMS Foundation, you can read more about my story here https://wamsfoundation.comfirst-recipient-of-aid-from-wams-foundation/.

I would also like to personally thank everyone again for their support on raising the funds needed to help send me to get my CCSVI treatment! We raised a total of $17,000 at the fundraiser on May 13th, 2011, and a week today I will be having my CCSVI treatment! I will make sure to post a blog entry after I have my treatment to let you all know how it went : ) It is a dream come true that I am even getting to do this surgery, so thank you to all that contributed to making this happen for me, all the wonderful volunteers on the night of the event, the the WAMS Foundation team, my friends and family and colleagues and fiance, the sponsors and donors of silent auction items, and thank you to those that could not make it to the event but did make donations through the website.

I hope that through reading these blog posts you will learn and be inspired by what I share with you; if there are topics you would like to know more about please let us know as there may be a possibility that I could research them and perhaps use them as my next blog topic.

So watch this space for my blog posts, and don’t forget to follow along on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Best of Happiness and Health,


Jennie, Carmen, Michele and Melanie share a group hug at the end of the WAMS Foundation fundraiser in celebration of a successful night!

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