The Walk a Myelin our Shoes (“WAMS”) Foundation focuses on helping MS sufferers’ access alternative treatments that aren’t available to them through the standard medical system or are beyond their financial means. WAMS supports the standard medical systems worldwide, but aims to provide an extra layer of care to build hope and enhance the quality of life of MS patients.

WAMS takes a personal approach and gets to know and makes a real difference one patient at a time. Donation will be used to sponsor a specific person and help them get the treatment they seek. WAMS puts a face on the disease, so the world understands the suffering and the need for quick action and research to find a cure for the harrowing disease.

In addition, the WAMS acts as a social advocate to encourage public action and commitment to strengthening community services and legislation and policies affecting services for MS sufferers.

To do our work we rely heavily on public and corporate donations. If you would like to donate to the WAMS Foundation, please​ click here.

Watch the story of Carmen's experience which led to the start of the WAMS Foundation:

Forbidden Treatment: The Walk A Myelin Our Shoes Foundation's Story